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About Us

TCS Smart Living Solution focuses on providing innovative ways of living to the new residential and commercial buildings. With the world moving so fast with new inventions and trends, we prioritize finding solutions to support those moving lifestyles, starting from our own homes. Not knowing what will happen tomorrow is normal, but having an eagle eye on your home can help you be a step ahead of the unexpected. Thanks to our smart home solution.

Green Roofs
Home Control App
Electric Car Battery Charging
Dishwasher Buttons
Security Camera
Smart Alarm System

Smart Living Solutions

We believe homes should support whatever the lifestyle the owner prefers in today's times. Living spaces' quality is not only justified by the designs and materials but the evolving technology as well. The term "there is no place like home" has never been more relevant. Creating a home that can now be a tool to you, and creating a smart home is what we did.

Rooms with UV Sanitations

Every room and area in our spaces will be equipped with UV sanitizing and sterilizing stations with technology to keep you and your space clean from any virus from outside. 

Quality Materials

All materials used to build our living spaces support the idea of anti-virus living and also is sustainable to optimize living cultures. All nooks and crannies are built to raise your style of living.

Modern Technology Integrations

Not just to support clean living, you can now control even elevators with your voice. Enjoy the complete touchless and safe path to your own space.


From our living spaces, you can enjoy all the benefits of sharing a community with others. Enjoy secure community spaces that are made to support the highest quality of community activities within the residential areas. Protected and catered for our residents only, you can enjoy the very best features of all of our community amenities. 


When you need to separate yourself from the crazy world for a second, or you just want to enjoy a simple coffee break in your own space, you should be able to feel safe and at home at all times. This is what makes a house a home. No matter what is happening outside your house. Your space should truly be yours and yours only. Enjoy the very best features that support one's living to the highest standards possible.